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I think I just had a heart attack

My cat got on the kitchen table and laid his tail across a candle.  He caught himself on fire, so queue me chasing him out of the kitchen and catching him by his tail trying to beat the fire out.

I think I’m more traumatized than he is; because he was all, “Oh hey, I like butt spankin’s!”  Thankfully, he’s fluffy enough that it didn’t burn down to the skin.  His tail fur is just woefully misshapen and the kitchen smells like burnt butt fur.


I used a picture from your glitter shoot as an art reference. I hope you don't mind! It's still seriously my favorite thing.

Really? That’s pretty awesome. Is it online or in a class or something? Thank you, I’m flattered!

Steamed Dumplings

Back when I still had ED, I would order steamed dumplings. They give you six dumplings, so I would eat three and be “stuffed” and save the other three for lunch (or dinner if I skipped lunch) the next day.

After picking up aerial and then body building, it forced me to accept that ED was working against me. Currently, I eat two orders of steamed dumplings in one sitting.

Aerial and body building didn’t just become a hobby for me. It changed my life. Fuck, I love steamed dumplings.

There was a Groupon for pole

So, I tried pole for the first time last night. Spinning, inverts, shoulder mounts, splits. Nailed it.

Sooo, another email after about a week of silence of the space I was interested in renting…

"I just don’t understand why you won’t let him use the space??"

Something in my brain just broke.  (See recent text posts to understand.)



Want to be anti-social? There’s an app for that

This is a little creepy .__.

The ultimate introvert app!

This morning, the man on the treadmill next to me ran with his arms out to the sides like airplane wings. I don’t even know.

Lights Out - Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

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